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Carnauba Wax

   A General View

   Current Grades Available

  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax Extra
    Citrine Extra Light
  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax
  • Type 2
    Yellow Refined Wax
  • Type 3
    Extra Light Refined Wax
    Tropical Extra Light
  • Type 3
    Refined Light Wax
  • Type 4
    Filtered Wax
Micronized Waxes
Specialties Waxes
   Carbin® ELC-31
   Carbin® FG-335
   Wax with Low Ash Content
   Wax with Controlled Limits for Bubbles
   And Impuruties Sizes and Content
Waxes' Blends
   Carboceryl® CDL
   Carboceryl® DPL
   Carboceryl® HCM
   Carboceryl® T-1M
   Carboceryl® Ceresine
   Carboceryl® Ozokerita
   Carboceryl® Lemon
   Carboceryl® F I
   Carboceryl® CHAP
   Carboceryl® Mold
   Carboceryl® PRB
   Carboceryl® Fiberglass
   Carboceryl® XR

Following a research program conducted by our associated company PVP, Sociedade Anônima, and stimulated by some of our much appreciated customers, we are able to add quality to some of our grades of carnauba waxes for which we did develop special features that better enable them for specific usages.

Some of those specialties waxes were adjusted with the cooperation of customers which in some cases did give to us the analytical standards and indicated the required equipment for such analysis which we bought.


Included in the list of the specialties waxes are two grades of readily emulsionable waxes which we name under the REGISTERED TRADE MARK  of Carbin® followed by the reference word or code.

The other technical specialty waxes are named starting with the name of the original carnauba grade from which it was  started, followed by the indicative usage to which it is  recommended.

The following specialties waxes are presently available:

Carbin® ELC - 31 - this wax, sold in flakes already contain the emulgator and is able to produce an emulsion either pouring it over boiling water or if it is previously melted before adding the boiling water to it, in both cases allowing the reaction to be completed; the color of the bubbles will indicated when the reaction finish. Emulsions made with this product are used for floor polishes, adhesives, sealants, packaging, printing inks for carton boxes and others. Full instructions are available under request. We also offer different types of emulsion already done and sold in higher concentration which you can look in the page of "EMULSIONS" in this web site. 
Carbin® FG-335 as the previous one that wax is readily emulsionable and sold in flakes. The way to produce the final emulsion is similar to that one indicated above. This wax is food grade and recommended for the washing of fruits and vegetables and other usages where such condition is prescribed.
WAX WITH LOW ASH CONTENT – waxes with low ash content are required for some specific usages, like in investment casting. We can produce waxes with as low a content of ash as less than 0,05%, and the final buyer shall specify its requirements. Investment casting is also called as lost wax process and it is recommended when the perfection of the details of the final piece are required, as the wax with the low ash content will drain from the cavities without leaving residues. Those waxes are only made by us under request and they may be produced either starting from T-1 carnauba wax and the wax will be designated as " T-1 WAX CITRINE CASTING", or T-3 and in this case it will be designated as " T-3 WAX TROPICAL CASTING".
WAX WITH CONTROLLED LIMITS FOR BUBBLES AND IMPURITIES SIZES AND CONTENT - the main usages of this grade of wax is in the field of information technologies (IT) and both the content of bubbles as well as the content and size of impurities are strictly controlled by us in our labs, specially equipped for such an analytical work. Its main usage is in the system of thermal transfer were large amounts of bubbles and impurities of large sizes must be avoided in order to assure a perfect  desired figure transfer. Being able to sell our grades of carnauba waxes under such strict specifications, we are avoiding lost in time by our customers, as well as additional expenses to make the  analysis of wax purchased elsewhere and re-process the waxes purchased that does not fulfill  such conditions, at their destinations. As customers have different specifications regarding the maximum accepted limits of bubbles, impurities and sizes, each customer shall specify their requirements when confirming their purchase of those TTR WAXES.



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