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Carnauba Wax

   A General View

   Current Grades Available

  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax Extra
    Citrine Extra Light
  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax
  • Type 2
    Yellow Refined Wax
  • Type 3
    Extra Light Refined Wax
    Tropical Extra Light
  • Type 3
    Refined Light Wax
  • Type 4
    Filtered Wax
Micronized Waxes
Specialties Waxes
   Carbin® ELC-31
   Carbin® FG-335
   Wax with Low Ash Content
   Wax with Controlled Limits for Bubbles
   And Impuruties Sizes and Content
Waxes' Blends
   Carboceryl® CDL
   Carboceryl® DPL
   Carboceryl® HCM
   Carboceryl® T-1M
   Carboceryl® Ceresine
   Carboceryl® Ozokerita
   Carboceryl® Lemon
   Carboceryl® F I
   Carboceryl® CHAP
   Carboceryl® Mold
   Carboceryl® PRB
   Carboceryl® Fiberglass
   Carboceryl® XR

We are currently selling micronized Carnauba Wax that we can deliver at 100 and 200 mesh thickness, processed in a compressed air equipment. It is also available a 100 mesh product made by spray drying. Only yellow grades and light fatty Carnauba wax are sold under such finishing, usually.

Due to the high melting point of some polymers, like polyethilenes, we suppose that we could also supply our customers with micronized polyethilenes waxes, which indeed, we never offer or processed. The same for microcrystallines waxes modified for higher melting points (CARBOCERYL LEMON - please look at our page of BLENDS) . Anyway, in case of interest we will be pleased to study such a request.


We can also grind, in conventional grinders, any grade of Carnauba Wax to the size customers will demand, considering the high melting points of this kind of waxes. Some Blends included in our offer, could also be considered for such a finishing. The particle size would be from 60 to 80 mesh.

We will be pleased to receive your enquiries and to try to meet your demands. Please exchange with us your problems and requirements. We will always do our best to meet your requirements.


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