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Carnauba Wax

   A General View

   Current Grades Available

  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax Extra
    Citrine Extra Light
  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax
  • Type 2
    Yellow Refined Wax
  • Type 3
    Extra Light Refined Wax
    Tropical Extra Light
  • Type 3
    Refined Light Wax
  • Type 4
    Filtered Wax
Micronized Waxes
Specialties Waxes
   Carbin® ELC-31
   Carbin® FG-335
   Wax with Low Ash Content
   Wax with Controlled Limits for Bubbles
   And Impuruties Sizes and Content
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   Carboceryl® CDL
   Carboceryl® DPL
   Carboceryl® HCM
   Carboceryl® T-1M
   Carboceryl® Ceresine
   Carboceryl® Ozokerita
   Carboceryl® Lemon
   Carboceryl® F I
   Carboceryl® CHAP
   Carboceryl® Mold
   Carboceryl® PRB
   Carboceryl® Fiberglass
   Carboceryl® XR

   "According to the Brazillian official regulations, there are four (4) different grandes of carnauba wax, numberd Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 each one also receiving official names. We produce all four (4) different grandes and for some of them we are able to offer an alternative choice.
"For each one of those grandes we can supply, you will find in this web site the corresponding data sheet, however, bellow you can read a summary of them."


Type 1 or PRIME

This wax is a filtered and refined product, obtained from the powder of the young leaves of the tree and it is of a light yellow color. Of this grade we offer 2 different choices that we designate as “Extra Light Refined Yellow Type 1 Carnauba Wax” and, the other one, “Refined Light Yellow Type 1 Carnauba Wax”. Both choices are of very light yellow colored waxes being the first one oriented for end users that require a wax of an extra light color.
Type 2 or MEDIUM
This grade has also a yellow color, being a little darker than our two Type 1 qualities mentioned above. It is thoroughly filtered and refined. We name this grade as “REFINED YELLOW TYPE 2 CARNAUBA WAX”.
Type 3 or LIGHT

Of this grade we offer a choice of two different qualities. This grade of wax is a derivative from the Type 4 wax and both grades are produced from the wax powder obtained from the open leaves harvested from the carnauba tree. The Light Fatty Gray grade is a wax that was filtered and refined in a process that include a first step where special fuller earths are used, and followed by another step where the wax is thoroughly bleached with a proper chemical bleaching agent. In such a process, we submit the wax to several filtrations’ steps, in order to attain the specified characteristics. We name our lighter Type 3 refined light fatty gray carnauba wax as “Tropical Extra Light Refined Fatty Gray Carnauba Wax” and it has a very nice clear yellow color. The standard grade of our Type 3 Carnauba wax we name simply as “Tropical Refined Light Fatty Gray Carnauba Wax” and although darker than the previous referred one, it is rather similar or better than the usually found on the market place and it is also of a good clear orange yellow color.
Type 4 or Fatty
Gray CarnaUba Wax

We offer this grade as a filtered wax and it has a dark green color. We name it as Filtered Fatty Gray.

Above referred waxes can be supplied in lumps and flakes. Waxes of our types 1 and 3 can be further sold as micronized powders

Please look ours SPECIALTIES waxes and BLENDS made for specific usages!

Our Certificates of Analysis, as well as our quality standards are issued in observation of what is prescribed in the US Pharmacopoeia, and the European Ph. As regard to volatile matter we follow the ASTM D95-62 standard. 

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