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Carnauba Wax

   A General View

   Current Grades Available

  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax Extra
    Citrine Extra Light
  • Type 1
    Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax
  • Type 2
    Yellow Refined Wax
  • Type 3
    Extra Light Refined Wax
    Tropical Extra Light
  • Type 3
    Refined Light Wax
  • Type 4
    Filtered Wax
Micronized Waxes
Specialties Waxes
   Carbin® ELC-31
   Carbin® FG-335
   Wax with Low Ash Content
   Wax with Controlled Limits for Bubbles
   And Impuruties Sizes and Content
Waxes' Blends
   Carboceryl® CDL
   Carboceryl® DPL
   Carboceryl® HCM
   Carboceryl® T-1M
   Carboceryl® Ceresine
   Carboceryl® Ozokerita
   Carboceryl® Lemon
   Carboceryl® F I
   Carboceryl® CHAP
   Carboceryl® Mold
   Carboceryl® PRB
   Carboceryl® Fiberglass
   Carboceryl® XR

Bee’s wax is produced from the honeycomb of the bee Apis mellifera L. and the production of both honey and wax is increasing in our area. The quality of such wax is quite good as regard to its purity and bleach ability.

The yellow wax is the result of the single paper filter operation and the white one, as pure as the yellow grade is the result of a further bleaching step to which the wax was submitted.

The specifications of our wax correspond to that one found in the US Pharmacopoeia.


As the rainy season in the production region start by October/November, production of both honey and wax begin by March or April and continues for many months ahead.

Consumption of bees wax internally in Brazil is quite good which make local prices many times better than those obtained on the foreign trade but with the prospect of greater production it may be possible that from now on more wax will be available for export.


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